While deceased North Korean despot Kim Jong Il lays on display under glass, many were wondering why he passed over his two older sons to choose his youngest boy, Kim Jon Un as his succesor. Turns out daddy thought his oldest son was too much of a partier and a playboy.


- His name?  Kim Jong Charlie-Sheen

Meanwhile, his second oldest, Kim Jong Chol, was seen as “too soft and feminine”.  He once wrote a “girly” poem about his ideal world in which everyone would be happy and free, nuclear weapons would be banned, and “I would destroy all terrorists with the Hollywood star, Jean Claude van Damme.”  

- This sound like the Corleone family in “The Godfather”… The oldest son, Sonny was the “playboy”, the middle son Fredo was “the sensitive one”, and the youngest, Michael, was “the brains of the operation”. 

- Kim Jon Chol also had a habit of bringing home stray dogs… but his dad kept eating them. 

- His father thought of him as  “Kim Jong-Gay”. 

FACT: 17 years ago, when Kim Jong Il was made the “Dear Leader”, in an effort to build-up his God-like status, the regime claimed that he could walk and talk at the age of three months, and that he had achieved 11 holes in one, the first time he played golf. (Apparently over there it’s easier to hit the ball in the clown’s mouth!)

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