Yesterday, Herman Cain broke his own scandal, telling CNN he’d heard an Atlanta woman was about to claim they’d had a 13-year affair.  He said the woman was a friend and that he’d helped her financially, but that they’d never had a sexual relationship.  The woman, Ginger White, said she only came forward because of media-hounding and that there was no harassment or assault, just a consensual relationship. 

- She added Cain is a “true conservative”… in the bedroom. 

- Bill Clinton said, “I finally found a Republican I can relate to!”

- Cain’s staff says it’s all part of a plot to derail his campaign… they call it “Swift-Booty-ing”.

But so far, there’s no hard evidence. White’s history includes a bankruptcy, a sexual harrassment claim, a defamation case against her and several recent evictions.  She does have records of many phone calls from Cain but no recordings, and two autographed books of his, but his inscriptions weren’t very personal.  

- The inscriptions weren’t personal, but the books were “The Kama Sutra” and “The Joy of Sex”.