Yesterday, Kim Karsashian announced that she is divorcing NBA player Kris Humpries, just 72 days after their super media-hyped wedding.  The nuptials aired on a two-day edition of her reality show and reportedly made her $18 million in TV deals, photo rights, sponsorships and product placements.  Humpries says he was “blindsided” by the news, and Kim, citing “irreconcilible differences”,  said “this was not an easy decision”.  

- She was going to file for divorce last week, but she hadn’t decided whether to sign an endorsement deal with Kleenex or Puffs to use in the pictures of her crying. 

- If those two crazy, love-sick kids can’t make it… what hope is there for the rest of us? 

As for the divorce settlement, it looks like Kris will come up empty-handed. Kim had him sign a pre-nup and he won’t get a dime.  Plus, under California law, she gets to keep the $2-point-something Million dollar engagement ring. 

- Of course in additon to all the money, Kim gets to keep all her ass-ets.