Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  In our latest Podacast “episode” we touch on a wide range of topics from new revelations about Moammar Gadhafi’s hair to Lindsay Lohan’s decision to bare-all in Playboy.  And speaking of “touching on things”… Bill Clinton drops by to talk about his recent birthday serenade by Lady Gaga and, with the help of Larry King, we re-create one of my very favorite moments from my days on the air. 

Speaking of my radio show, we also share some important information about what promises to be this years hottest Holiday gift (if you don’t count the “As Seen On TV” Hard Boiled Egg Cooker). Yes… I’ve got a new CD coming out… “The Best of Purtan #10”.  It’s the “Best Of” from my last three years on the show — stuff we did after the last CD we put out in 2006.  It will be on sale in just a few weeks and will benefit two Military charities:  “Operation Homefront” and “Honor Flight” - both of which are dedicated to helping the men and women who have served us so well in wars - both past and present - and their families.  Details will be coming your way soon!  

In the meantime, as your trying on your Halloween costume (I’m going as Chaz Bono)… click on the link below for Podcast #16!  

Have a great rest of the weekend!  

Purtan Podcast #16: 10/18/11   (25min. 29sec.)


P.S. Go Blue! Go Green! Go Lions! Go Wings!