Apparently 3D boobs aren’t enough to guarantee a blockbuster at the box office.  Despite actress Mila Jojavich apppearing in a low cut corset in the new 3D version of “The Three Muskateers”, the movie made just $9 million dollars in it’s opening weekend. Meanwhile “Paranormal Activity” - a horror movie shot mostly on cell phones - raked in $54 million setting an all-time record for an October release.  

- Apparently a lot of people wanted to “escape” by watching something less terrifying than the economy. 

- The numbers are a little skewed… a third of the $9 million made by “The Three Muskateers” actually came from Charlie Sheen who paid to watch it over and over and over. 

- I guess people realized that could spend hours watching a whole bunch of boobs for free by turning on C-Span.