Mila Jovavich stars in the upcoming remake of “The Three Musketeers,” and she might personally revive the 3D movie craze.  She said that knowing it would be in 3D and that she would be wearing a tight, low-cut corset, she worked extra hard to look good.  She said she ate a lot of pasta and cinched the corset to maximinze her cleavage and “let the girls do the acting for me”.  Jovavich added, “I think the left one is more talented than the right.”

- Her “performance” was so impressive producers almost renamed the movie “The Two Musketeers”. 

- I think we knew that “boobs” could act after the first Adam Sandler movie was released.  

- The actors playing the Musketeers changed their famous themeline to “Two for All… and All for Two!”