What happened after Sunday’s game against San Francisco is being replayed more than any moment from the game itself.  After giving Lion’s coach Jim Schwartz what the 49er’s coach Jim Harbaugh admitted was a “too hard” handshake and (if you’ve seen the tape) roughly pushing him away, Schwartz said Harbough also used expletives on him. Some say, angered, Schwartz also swore in response. The NFL is considering whether to fine one or both of them.  

Football is a tough and violent game.  After a bruising battle, I’ve always enjoyed watching the two head coaches shake hands in mid-field, one happy and the other, not so much.  It kind of wraps things up on a gentlemenly and professional note.  This kind of behavior by the so-called “cooler heads” - the ones not wearing the helmets -takes sportsmanship down a notch.  And it’s not the first time for ex-Wolverine, Harbough.  He did the same thing to Pete Carroll of USC a couple of years ago. Maybe they should start testing the coaches for steroids. 

That aside, on Sunday, the Lions looked average, not a 5-0 team.  Which are the real Lions? When push comes to shove I guess we’ll find out.  Oops… Bad analogy.