Charlie Sheen is back in rehab after 36 hours of partying with porn stars, including heavy drinking and the alleged briefcase of cocaine delivered to his house during the festivities.  While doctors believe the drugs aggravated a hernia he has in his stomach, Charlie has a much simpler explanation for it… 

He claims the hernia acted up after he laughed too hard while watching a TV show.  But CBS execs aren’t buying it and forced him to seek treatment at an undisclosed rehab center.  A clearly annoyed Sheen tweeted, “I’m fine. People don’t seem to get it.  Guy (sic) can’t have a great time and do his job also?  Bunch of turds.” Even Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she’s “thrilled” he’s getting treatment because he shows, “obvious sign of addiction”. 

- OMG! Lindsay is so smart! I’m sure it didn’t occur to any of us that he had a problem until she pointed it out!

- Doctors became skeptical when Charlie told him that the show he was laughing so hard at was “Spongebob No-pants”

- C’mon.  Let’s give ‘em a break.  It’s not like he called-in sick to work and went golfing.  

- Charlie isn’t getting any special treatment… he’s sharing his room with “Two and Half Addicts”.