Forget tummy tucks… according to experts, the latest trend in plastic surgery is the “year zero face”.  Instead of trying to look younger, women are getting their faces professionally “done”, then frozen!  Younger women get plumped and sculptured while older women get polished and tightened, and they all get regular touch ups, injections and Botox to keep them looking the same forever.  That way nobody ever notices them aging because they look about 36 from age 23 on.

- Maybe it’s just me, but I think Betty White looks closer to 40.

- Show me a 23 year old female who wants to look 36 and I’ll show you an 18 year old male who’s dying to get Erectile Dysfunction!

- When Joan Rivers heard the news, she didn’t flinch… because she can’t!

- There isn’t enough Botox on the planet to make this work on Helen Thomas.