Saturday night in Las Vegas, Teresa Scanlan became the first Miss Nebraska to win the Miss America pageant.  She hopes to become a politician someday, but if she ran for office today, she couldn’t even vote for herself.  Scanlan is only 17 making her the youngest Miss America since 15-and-a-half year old Mary Bergeron won the crown in 1933.

- Of course with “mass media” what it was back then,  Mary had to give up her crown after a pencil sketch of her naked was found tacked to a tree.   

- For the “talent” portion of Sunday’s competition, 17-year-old Scanlan brought out her Driver’s Ed teacher to confirm that she can parallel park… most of the time.

- Her “platform” was shoes. 

- When asked what she wished for, she answered, “World Peace and that Justin Bieber would drop his total bitch of a girlfriend and ask her out”.

- LITTLE KNOWN, TOTALLY UNTRUE FACT:  Larry King was a judge at both the 1933 and 2011 pageants.  

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