Back in 1991, white rapper Vanilla Ice was dating Madonna, and he’s finally revealed to a British tabloid why they broke up.  He claims it was because of her notorious photo book, “Sex.”  He said, “I thought she was taking pictures and running around naked because she was like that,” but he was “embarrassed and ashamed” to discover it was “porno” and his photo was in it.  Ice said, “We were in a relationship,” but the book made it look as if she were having sex with all these other people.  He called it “disgusting,” “cheap” and “slutty.”

Today  “disgusting”, “cheap” and “slutty” are part of Madonna’s Facebook profile.  (Actually, “Disgusting”, “Cheap” and “Slutty” are three of Charlie’s Sheen’s 7 Dwarfs)

So Vanilla Ice didn’t think Madonna was having sex with other people?  Hmm, I have some swampland I’d like to sell him in Florida.