They lost their franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford for who knows how long and they lost a game to the Bears that they really won.  Even the Chicago Newspapers are saying that the Lion’s were victorious and that a bad call in the end zone took it away.  The Lion’s can’t win for losin’!

U of M and Michigan State both won over the weekend with the Maize and Blue’s Denard Robinson delivering another astounding performance. 

And RIP to U of M hall-of-famer, the great Ron Kramer who died Saturday at the age of 75. 

Packin’ Heat

An environmental group called drove a bio-diesel van to the White House to urge President Obama to show his commitment to “Green” energy by re-installing solar panels on the White House roof.   Jimmy Carter had 32 solar panels put on in 1979 but they were removed during roof-repairs in 1986.  White House reps said the Prez. Is all for clean energy but declined the panels.

Instead he’s just going to strap Rahm Emanuel to the roof.  He attracts all kinds of heat!

If they really want the President to save money, they should insist he use a Solar Powered Teleprompter.

Was The Plane Made By Airbus(t)??? 

21-year-old Playboy model Tiffany Livingston was taken into federal custody last Thursday night after she reportedly had a panic attack on a JetBlue flight from Orlando to Newark and tried to open the door in-flight.  The New York Post says the model has had anxiety attacks before and was stuck on the plane without her medication. 

I don’t why they were surprised.  Her Playboy Profile said she liked, “Walks on the beach… World peace… and Jumping out of moving airplanes.”

She also said she loved “Puffy clouds” and just wanted to get a closer look!

On the bright side, she was carrying her very own flotation devices. 

There Are Eight Million Stories in the Naked City… And This Is One Of Them 

A nudist resort is Surrey, England is under threat from prying eyes.  It’s 300 members are used to swimming, playing tennis and barbequing (ouch!) naked in the privacy of their fenced-in grounds.  But the local city council has approved plans for a five-story apartment complex next door that would give residents a birds eye view of the clubs activities.  One nudist claims she’s not ashamed of her body, but doesn’t want, “every Tom, Dick or Harry staring at me.”

She didn’t mention his name, so Big Al immediately leased an apartment on the 5th floor. 

If they don’t want to be seen naked while grilling, why not just throw on a pair of Barbeque Thongs?

Naked Tennis, huh?  When they say 40-Love, they mean it!

Now He’s Praying for Forgiveness! 

Police in Madison, Wisconsin arrested a street musician who apparently doesn’t take kindly to criticism.  Police say two homeless guys walked over to Brandin Hochstrasser and insulted his guitar playing.   Hochstrasser bashed one of the men over the head with his guitar and threw the other man against a wall.  The musician goes by the name “Bongo Jesus”.

Since the incident, sales of “What Would Bongo Jesus Do” bracelets have plummeted.

I’m glad no one can arrest me when I’m at home throwing things at the TV every time I see another “Wallside Windows” commercial. 

I’d pay a million bucks to see this guy audition for Simon Cowell!

Was Kanye “Swift” Boated?  

While Lady Gaga was the big winner at Sunday night’s Video Music Awards, taking home six “moon men”, she wasn’t the only one making headlines.  Taylor Swift took to the stage and began her performance of a song called “Forgiveness” with a video “remembrance”, shall we say, to last year’s acceptance speech debacle.  Let’s watch the video from last years ceremony as Kanye West made his infamous appearance…


Have a great day and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

- Dick