Sad News On Two Fronts Today…

Nancy Dolman, wife of the great comedic actor Martin Short has died of Cancer at the age of 58. RIP. 

And Edward Kean, head writer of the “Howdy Doody Show” and the man credited with creating the expression, “kowabunga,” has died at the age of 85 in a nursing care facility in West Bloomfield.  He even wrote the theme song, “It’s Howdy Doody Time” and the word “kowabunga” is still popular today, thanks to Bart Simpson.

There must be some kind of local connection because, not only did he die here, but - TRUE STORY – the puppet Howdy Doody is stored in a box at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Sadly, Howdy has been locked up longer than Kwame! 

Howdy Doody and Kwame have something else in common…Everything they did in their careers came with “strings attached”.

There’s a rumor going around that “Howdy” was at that non-party-party at the Manoogian Mansion.  Howdy got lucky.  He left the party just as Kwame was about to throw another log on the fire.

Goin’ Postal 

More than 3000 American Postal Workers Union Members from across the country walked from Cobo to Campus Martius yesterday.  Donning blue shirts, they chanted “Five day, no way”! in protest of the Congressional proposal to cut Saturday mail delivery.  The Postal service lost $7 billion last year and delivered 25 billion fewer pieces of mail. 

No mail on Saturday?  What’s next… no Free Press or News on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?  Oh, wait a sec… 

Actually it’s a great idea… one less day to get bills! 

If the proposal passes, it’s gonna confuse a lot of dogs. 

So now parents of college students are gonna have to wait two whole days to find out that they’re kid didn’t write ’em a letter.

He’s Just Puttering Around The House… 

Things just keep getting worse for Tiger Woods… his game is off, he just signed a $100 million-plus divorce settlement and now it turns out sales of Nike’s “Tiger Woods” brand of golf apparel are way down.  A sports business professor says that what made people buy Tiger’s clothes was his “aura of perfection” both on and off the course; he doesn’t think he can get that back.

The only person who thinks Tiger still represents perfection?  Sandra Bullock’s ex - Jesse James. 

On a bright note, Nike’s “Tigers Do It In The Woods” T-Shirts are selling like hotcakes!

Tiger is going to have to hire another caddy just to carry his emotional baggage!

He Almost Had Paris… 

Early Tuesday morning a man reportedly tried to break into Paris Hilton’s home in LA by banging on a window with a brick.  He was also  carrying two knives and the cops think he was a deranged fan.

NOTE:  Isn’t anyone who claims to be a fan of Paris Hilton technically “deranged”?

Paris turned the whole thing into more publicity…  She tweeted her fans how scared she was while the man was still being arrested, plus news helicopters got shots of her running out onto her balcony wearing only a towel.

And the most shocking part… It wasn’t a Hilton Towel.  It was from the Motel 6!

Hello Norma Jean…

In a Poll by Clairol’s Nice “N” Easy hair coloring, Marilyn Monroe was named the greatest blonde of all time.  She was followed, in order, by Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Cameron Diaz.  Amazingly making the list…coming in at #20… was Paris Hilton. 

I don’t know if she’s nice, but I’m pretty sure she’s easy.

#21:  Geoffrey Feiger

And Finally…

On this day in 1973, the CAT Scan (Computer Assisted Tomography) was first used on a patient.  

I told a friend of mine a CAT Scan joke.  He’s Canadian and it took him six months to get it. 


Have a great day!  And oh, by the way, if you have a suggestion for a blond who should be in the top five (or at least replace Paris Hilton) post it on our Facebook page!  More tomorrow…

- Dick