Jerry Hodak has announced he is retiring from his television weather forecasting duties on Channel 7 in September, after a 45 year Detroit television career.  “The Chief” as they call him at Channel 7 has been on Detroit television airwaves longer than anyone else.  As someone who is enjoying every single minute of his retirement, I wish Jerry and his wife Peggy all the best and hope they have as much fun as Gail and I are having! 

This morning I called Sonny Eliot to see how he was doing, and while he’s feeling well, he too, is thinking of hanging up his weather Doppler one of these days.  He’s 90 now and still does the 4:18 and 5:18p.m. daily weather forecasts on WWJ Radio.  As I hung up the phone with Sonny this morning, I said, “Sonny, it sounds to me like you’ve still got it.”  And he instantly replied, “And if I can find it… I’d like to get rid of it!” 

And of course, longtime Detroit TV News Anchorman Jac LeGoff passed away this week at the age of 89.  I remember one night watching the Channel 4 evening news – anchored that night by Jac LeGoff and his co-anchor, Margie Reedy.  In those days the set was triangular with the two news anchors on either side… and the sportscaster’s position between, but behind them – like the point on a triangle.  After finishing a story, Jac announced, “It’s time now to take a look at sports… with our own Al Ackerman.  Al…” he said smiling, as he turned to find an empty chair.  After an awkward moment of silence, his co-anchor jumped in and said, “… Who is of course reporting live tonight from Tiger Stadium…Al?”  As they cut to the shot of Al, the entire studio - anchors and crew - erupted in laughter.  Ah, showbiz!

And now on with a brief look at the news of the day…

The President made a guest appearance on “The View” today, and tonight, in an effort to reduce the deficit, will make a guest appearance on “Wheel of Fortune”.

It’s So Down To Earth!

Astronomers have announced that there is a 1 in 1000 chance that a massive asteroid 18 hundred feet across could hit the earth before 2200 causing massive destruction.  They estimate a target date of September 24, 2182.

Damn, I had money on the Lions to win the Superbowl in 2183!

President Obama is hoping the Asteroid will land in Arizona.

It’s so huge, it’s been named the “Kardashian Asteroid”.

It’s So Hard to Find a Mother-Of-The-Bride Pantsuit! 

Wedding consultants are now estimating that the cost of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this weekend could balloon to over $5 million… including $11,000 for the cake, $50,000 for her designer bridal gown, and a quarter million to rent the estate where the wedding will be held.  Our investigative team has uncovered some other details about the event…

- Al Gore will provide masseuse services for all the guests.

- Janet Reno will provide security.

- The train on Chelsea’s wedding gown is being provided by Amtrak.

-In an unusual twist, Bill will escort the Bride and all of the bridesmaids down the aisle. 

-The flowers will be provided by a Little Rock, Arkansas company, “Flowers by Gennifer”.  


Have a great day… Back tomorrow!

- Dick 



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