Sorry this is a little late, but…

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday Dear Mr. Retired Radio Personality,

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

(Followed by a high pitched giggle)

Looking for an appetite suppressant?  Stick the above photo on your frig!


And now to the news that really matters….

KWAME WAS BACK IN TOWN TODAY!!!!  And you’ll never believe it; he pleaded “not guilty” to a 19-count federal grand jury indictment.  Of course he did.  The Kwamster arrived in court looking resplendent in an orange jumpsuit and shackles.  What I would call “Shabby Chic”; but perfect for this time of year.  And guess what else?  He claimed to have no money to pay for an attorney.  Of course he did.  Heck, what do you expect, he’s given all of his money back to the City of Detroit, right?  (Yeah, right!)  I say “Super Fieger” should swoop down and save the day for the ex-mayor.  He won’t be a flight risk, because I don’t even think Super Fieger could pick up Kwame and fly away!        


From the “You Can’t Make This Up” Department…

A headline seen at read:  “After 12 years, Woods may switch putters.”

- I’m not surprised.  After last year alone it’s got to be pretty much worn out.

- He can always sell it on Craig’s list as “Previously enjoyed”.

- Maybe Elin Nordegrin is getting the old one in the divorce settlement.

I know, I should’ve yelled “FORE” before sharing these lines!


Last But Certainly the Best…

Good luck to former U of M Head Coach Lloyd Carr who has announced that he will retire on September 1st from his university administrative position.  Coach Carr gave us a lot to cheer about and a lot to be proud of during his tenure, including a National Title in 1997!  We had the privilege of interviewing Coach Carr on the morning show for a few seasons and he’s a first class gentleman  on and off the field.  All the best Coach to you and your family.  Oh, and if your wife needs any tips on how to handle a retired husband - just have her give my wife Gail a call.  Oh, and one other thing Coach…if you’re looking for a mall-walking partner, count me in!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to retire…to my Lazy Boy.  More tomorrow everybody!





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