One of these guys scarfed down a whole lot of cookies and milk last night. 

HINT: He’s the one without a beard!


As you wade through a sea of torn wrapping paper, you might want to take a listen to one of our all-time favorite put on calls.  (And apparently one of our listener favs too!)  We’ve gotten a lot of requests to post it, and being the holidays and all, it just made sense.  Hope you enjoy it!

Farmer Jack Put-On Call to Lisa Rossi


“That Purtan guy can really put away the cookies!  Lucky for me… he left out a protein bar and some pomegranite juice!”


Here’s wishing you and yours a healthy, happy and wonderful day! Merry Christmas from me and all of Purtan’s People! 

- Dick

P.S.  What do Santa Claus and Charlie Sheen have in common?  Ho Ho Ho!