Here we are - just two weekends ‘til Christmas and I am way behind.  Let me explain. First of all, December is a very busy month for me.  My wife Gail’s birthday is on the 3rd, our wedding anniversary is the 21st (the longest night of the year I might point out… and believe me it was!) and of course the big day which happens to fall on the 25th this year!!!  

I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet.  It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s a time issue.  

Somewhere in my head I guess I thought that “retirement” meant things would slow down.  NOT!  It seems I’ve never been busier in my life!  Sure, I don’t have to get up at the crack-of-the-middle-of-the-night anymore to do my radio show but my days and nights are filled.  I really don’t where the time goes.   

Which brings me back to the holdiays,  where you have to factor in all the extra stuff:  For one, decorating the house.  We’ve always decorated in a big way - not in a Clark Griswald - “Christmas Vacation”- kind of way, but we get pretty into it.  We have two trees and every year we have them up and decorated by Thanksgiving. Now, with just two weeks to go - one is ready and the other is “partially dressed” if you will; sorely lacking ornaments and tinsel. We’ll finish it this weekend. (Of course we said the same thing last weekend).  

Then there’s the whole Christmas Card issue.  If you haven’t gotten one from us yet, don’t feel bad. We haven’t sent any out.  Why?  We’re just having trouble finding the time.  And to be honest, the pressure is building! Everyday, our mailbox is jammed with cards from friends, old and new, and some from people who, to be honest, I couldn’t pick out in a police line-up.  

Yesterday alone, I opened two expensive looking cards signed by people who’s names I didn’t recognize.  I’m thrilled that they’re wishing us a “Wonderful Holdiay Season” - I just wish I knew who they were.  The toughest are the ones that have a picture of the kids but not the mom and dad.  I’ll admit “Amber & Jacob” look cute smiling brightly in matching candy cane pajamas, I just wish I knew who their parents were! Last year, I got one of those delightful “Year in Review” family news letters - you know the ones:  they document every loose tooth, just-missed basketball trophy, and prostate exam experienced by the family members over the year. The only problem?  Even after reading an extensive description of how Amanda was dealing with her new orthodontic mouthpiece, I still had no idea who sent me the letter.  

And, of course, there’s still the whole shopping dilemma.  I’m not a big mall guy (I’m usually one of the guys sitting in the leather chair trying to stay awake) so I’m trying to convince Gail to have us do all of our shopping over the Internet this year.  God knows I get enough e-mails offering “unbeatable deals” from retailers.  I’ve gotten so many e-mails from “Toys R Us” I feel like I know Geoffrey the Giraffe personally.  

No matter how I end up getting the gifts, I’m faced with the biggest challenge of all:  Wrapping!  I don’t know if it’s genetic or what, but after talking to a lot of my guy friends I’ve decided it’s true.  Men are lousy wrappers! And believe me I’ve tried.  Hand me a roll of wrapping paper, scissors, tape and a gift box and I’ll hand you back something that looks like the paper mache likeness of Abraham Lincoln I made in second grade.  

So that’s where I stand… behind in just about everything.  But I’m not worried.  It will all get done.  It has too! Because afterall, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year”!!!


Have a great a weekend… I hope you come close to getting everything done on your list and I’ll see you back here Monday!

- Dick